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  • Real world solutions

  • Learn-by-doing instead of classroom exercises

  • "Go and See" and "Go and Learn"  

  • Experience in manufacturing, logistics, eCommerce and omni-channel solutions, distribution centers, process design, product design, supply chain management, and transactional process improvement





We are leaders in learning by doing.  We want to teach people by transforming the way they work as they implement new methods and solve real problems.








Interim Management





Typical projects include:

- Manufacturing process design that builds Lean into the process to ensure low operating costs and mimium capital expenditure

- Cellular manufacturing to operate with low inventories and fast order-to-delivery

- Supplier development to improve product quality and reduce costs

- Complex problem solving

- Emergency response world-wide to manage supply chain crisis

- Strategic process improvements that deliver innovative products first to market by streamlining New Product Development, Program Management, Supplier Engagement, and Acquistion Requests



"When Robert is here, I just give him the keys and tell the plant manager's to do whatever he says." - VP of Mexico Operations for major automotive supplier


"I think Robert is the only guy that knows Lean." - Russia Country Manager for international industrial company

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